Average Review Rating for Asian Escorts.

Description of Average rating.

An average rating score between 1 and 10 is given during the posting of a genuine review. This becomes part of that Asian escort girls feedback and the score is saved for her alone. Therefore the average rating scheme works with our review system collectively for the particular girl your reviewing.


To find our review form, take a look along our navigation bar and select 'Reviews', followed by 'Post reviews'. If you have already met one of our girls, you might want to post a review of your own. The field marked 'Rate her service' in the review form is the key field to complete. The reviewer posts a score of 1-10. This calculates towards her average rating score and is publshed on her page and in the gallery. This is a useful tool for everyone when making a quick decision on which choice is your best Asian escort option. Your score should be honest opinion and not for example a low score because she refused to drop the price. We do check with the girl for some background information and feedback to the girl praise or points to improve. Thank you for your time completing reviews and of course for your continued support of our agency.