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Availability - Generally meaning someone who is on duty, available, currently taking appointments.

Escorts - A group of Persons who specialize in accompanying another person to a location or while visiting locations, to provide protection, support, company or companionship.

Feedback - Written feedback of girls who appear on our gallery which has been submitted using the feedback form on this site. Feedback is different to reviews. to locate feedback, click on the girl you are interested in and view the details section of her personal page. The most recent feedback posts are also shown on our home page.

Female escorts - An escort group consisting only of females who offer services to accompany another person providing protection, support, company or companionship.

Hotline - Our dedicated hotline is for placing your appointment. Text is acceptable while arranging your appointment but must start off a call to begin with reassure us you are above the legal age and not a time waster.

London Escorts - Persons or group of people from London who accompanies another person to or at a location, to provide protection, support, company or companionship.

Notice - To have enough time to prepare, an escort requires 1 hours notice as standard. Especially for outcall. Exceptions to this are for incall, which it maybe possible to visit with 30 minutes notice. But note and understand the escort may not have enough time to look as good as her pictures in every case. This is fair warning for 30 minute quick notice appointments.

Rates - (Also known as gifts or donations) what to expect as a donation when making an appointment. the donation/rate is relative to hours required.

Reviews - Written reviews of girls who appear anywhere on the internet. Usually these are on an independent site where punters are sharing their experiences with other punters online. On our site, experiences are known as feedback and we only accept feedback of girls who appear on our gallery.

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We are a class performing adventurous agency. Our Asian Escorts London are a unique blend of Oriental ladies which all display on our Asian Escorts London gallery. The Latest arrivals are displayed at our New Oriental Escorts Gallery, to keep you a breast of what is new and exciting. The more adventurous girls that take things often a little further introduce themselves to you at the A level Asian Escorts page. For 2 at once (or menage-et-trois) dive in at our duo London Escorts listing. Your really getting yours hands full with our Busty Asian Escort girls. All great ways to explore your new hobby and the exciting world of Asian escort girls.

Our London area guide breaks down London for you. If we have girls in a particular area, for example the Earls Court Escorts page. A mini gallery of those Asian's will display. Like wise the Bayswater Asian Escorts page sheds light on available girls in Bayswater. The commuter in and out of London enjoys knowing what asian escorts we have in Marylebone. South of Hyde park and along its southern edge our guide to High Street Kensington Escorts can be quite useful. Further north the famous Baker Street our guide shows Baker Street Escorts listings around the famous station. Some places are surprisingly close to each other. Edgware Road Escorts are just 2 minutes walk from the Paddington Escorts. So the choice of Asian girls in both areas are just a brisk walk between each other. At the end of Edgware Road are Marble Arch Escorts located at the end of Edgware road where Park lane and Oxford street start. Our furthest West is the unforgetful Notting Hill Asian Escorts who are also in close proximity to Bayswater. Russell Square Asian's being central, are close to those covering the Bond Street. Thai Escorts being the favourite of all Asian Oriental's get great escorts reviews. We sometimes get oriental girls in Regents park and we like to encourage you to place a vote using our Hot or Not vote system. The Voting results get displayed for your viewing. Review Rejects may give you reasons why some of your reviews didnt make it to publication. Its rare that people want to but just in case there is our escorts retired and the ever useful escorts site map.