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Maya, New Asian Escorts London Bayswater W2
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Star, New Asian Escorts London Wembley W9
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Asian Escorts Hotline

Making a booking, appointment, meeting a girl

We are flexible. To meet your girl we will receive Calls on 07770457700, texts, WhatsApp or Signal and will get things started for you. We aim to be as quick as possible and confirm shortly in confidence and discreetly.

Be flexible when you call, if you have a flexible time and a similar approach to creating your booking not only will your booking be esily made but it will be fast too. Also reception may be Male or Female, but don't worry, your appointment will be arranged discretely and professionally to best of the receptionists ability.

Relax.. we aim to smooth the flow of the booking process from start to finish with escorts that are available for today or for tomorrow. Our London Asian Escorts Agency aims to work to connect you with sexy Oriental girls. If you have never booked before, we offer some guidance with the booking process below.

How to make your booking.

First of all be flexible with your time, you will be more successful

Step 1 - Select from our gallery and make a short list of 3 or more escorts. We will work through your list checking the escorts availability. Now your ready to call us.

Step 2 - Call our team with confidence giving your name, your short list of escorts and the time you prefer.

Step 3 - Confirmation details will be text to your phone in minutes. This will contain your booking details and address. Its time to plan your journey and arrive on time.

Step 4 - When you have arrived at the address given call us, so that reception may guide you to the right door and the welcoming arms of your waiting escort.

Step 5 - Advanced bookings. A discrete text reminder needs to be sent on the day your bookings due. Its important to know your still coming. At ALL other times we wait for you to call us when you next have the urge to book.

After your booking.

Step 1 - Remember to check you still have your watch, mobile and tie. Most people dont want us to contact them afterwards and its likely we will call or text if you have forgotten something.

Step 2 - Delete the entire conversation with us. Its best remove it all to remain discrete about your hobby. Dont worry, we do not contact you once your bookings finished.

Relax with reception

The process is easy and fast. Its been fine tuned over years of practice for your benefit and the escorts expectations. Confirmation will be with you within minutes and you will be sitting with your Asian escort of choice within a short space of time.

Short notice bookings.

Occasionally, a few escorts start accepting short notice. Who accepts short notice changes frequently depending on their availability. This is where our receptionists knowledge and skill comes into play and the key to fine tuning your booking. Calling to ask is always the best policy.


We ONLY contact you before and during the period of arranging your booking. We do not contact you after your visit unless you have left something behind. NO promotional texts are sent, we will NOT to embarrass you when you least expect it.

Keeping your hobby private.

Its already been mentioned above but when leaving your booking, remember the messages we have sent you. These are best removed completely to keep your hobby, work and private life all separate. You may prefer to delete our individual calls from your phones history

With Held Numbers.

When call from a hidden number, we will need your tell us your mobile number. Texting you confirmation, address information and to speak to you when you arrive at the address is paramount to the function of the booking. Without a mobile number we cant proceed with your booking.

Why book with us.

Because we take care of the little things that matter, you can relax and know you can rely on our discretion when you call

View our descrete privacy policy.


24hours - Meaning available at any time. Although with some limitations. Escorts may want around 45 minutes to 1hr notice to prepare. For outcall this is important for transport arrangements especially in the London area. Occasionally escorts may be unavailable. They maybe busy or off duty for personal, feminine or other reasons. Because of this, we recommend choosing at least 2 from the gallery just in case your first choice is unavailable.

30 Minutes - We do not accept requests for 30 minute appointments.

Appointments - Are a fixed diary time with a desired escort. Why do you need an appointment.. Because escorts are people and not products they have lives, family, partners and domestics to organize prior to a visit. Your appointment respects her space. An escort may refuse your appointment if you dont respect the appointment system.

Escorts - A group of Persons who specialize in accompanying another person to a location or while visiting locations, to provide protection, support, company or companionship.

Hotline - Our dedicated hotline is for placing your appointment. Text is acceptable while arranging your appointment but must start off a call to begin with reassure us you are above the legal age and not a time waster.

London Escorts - Persons or group of people from London who accompanies another person to or at a location, to provide protection, support, company or companionship.

Notice - To have enough time to prepare, an escort requires 1 hours notice as standard. Especially for outcall. Exceptions to this are for incall, which it maybe possible to visit with 30 minutes notice. But note and understand the escort may not have enough time to look as good as her pictures in every case. This is fair warning for 30 minute quick notice appointments.

Personal Page - The page created particular to the selected escort containing personal details given to us at interview. Contains name and personal information, services, availability, rates, votes and personal pictures.

Rates - (Also known as gifts or donations) what to expect as a donation when making an appointment. the donation/rate is relative to hours required.

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