Guide to Terminology

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Guide to Terminology

Provided by request to explain terms in general use across the internet
by Escorts, punters, clients, agencies, forums, directories alike.

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  • The following information is a guide only.
  • Commonly used terms that you may see anywhere on the internet with the most likely meaning.
  • Note that any personal conduct of an intimate nature is a matter of agreement between two consenting adults.

69 Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus
A Anal or A level
A-Levels Anal or A
AC/DC Bisexual
Adventurous The escort who goes a little bit further. Usually all service. Some times takes the lead but acts with out worry and further than the usual standard escort would.
All Services Generally would include all services. Warning. This is not an excuse to cause pain, 2 (or more) on one, brutality, scary activity, putting anyone at risk, bullying or making anyone vulnerable and unsafe.
Animal play Role play - When one or both partners pretend to be an animal
Anal Anal, Anus, A or A - level
Anilingus Kissing and penetration of the anus by tongue
Anus The opening of the rectum
Areola The dark area surrounding the nipples of women and men
Around the world Kissing the entire body
Asian of asian origin. From the asian continent. Ranging from Indian, Arabic & oriental decent.
Asexual Absence of sexual feeling
Auto-eroticism Masturbation on your self
Auto-fellatio Performing fellatio on your own penis
AW0 Anal without a condom. (Not recommended and refused at all times.)
Back scuttle Performing anal, anal or A-level
Bag The scrotum
Back yard The buttocks
Ball (having a ball) A wild sex activity
Balls The testicles
Banana The penis
Bare Assed Naked, nude, without clothes
Bareback Without a condom (Not recommended) This will be refused. No escort accepts this.
BBBF Bareback butt f-ck. Without a condom. (Not recommended and refused at all times.)
BBBJ Bareback blow job (without a condom)
BBF Bareback fu ck. without a condom. (Not recommended and refused at all times.)
BBW Big beautiful woman
BDSM BDSM combines bondage and discipline (bd), dominance and submission (ds) and sadomasochism (sm.)
BJ Blow job - A term for fellatio
Beat off Masturbation
Birth control Actions which prevent pregnancy because of sexual intercourse
Bi-sexual Engaging in sexual activities with members of both sexes
Blow job The act of oral intercourse
Bondage Restraining the body in a practice to avoid movement
Bondage and Discipline Also known as B&D. Involves bondage, slave training, corporal punishment and dominant/submissive role play
Bring off Male ejaculation
Brown shower Another name for hardsports
Brut service Cumming over her body and/or face ( Splash it all over )
Bugger To perform anal intercourse
Bummer Active partner in anal sex
Buns The buttocks
Captain 69 A site that lists rates and reviews escorts from all across the uk.
CIM Come in mouth
Circumcised The foreskin has been surgically removed
Climax To achieve the high point of sex activity
COF Cum On Face
Coitus Sexual intercourse
Coitus in anal Anal intercourse
Coitus interruptus Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation
Condom A sheath of thin rubber worn on the penis. An effective birth control and barrier from transmitted disease
Consensual Both involved have agreed to perform with each other
Contraceptive Birth control
Cowgirl A position for sexual intercourse - the man on his back, the woman sitting on top
Covered With a condom
Cum Semen
Cum facial Same as facial
Cunnilingus Stimulation of the woman's genital area with the lips and tongue
CWM An american term (Cyber Whore Monger) A punter using the Internet to find escorts. Used with Cyber Courtesan
Daty Dining at the Y. An american term meaning performing oral on a lady.
Diaphragm A soft rubber dome intended to fit securely over the cervix. A contraceptive, birth control
Dfk Deep french kissing (with tongues) Requires good hygene.
Doggie style A position - The woman on her knees the man entering from behind
Dominance One partner dominates the other with their consent
Early Ejaculation Ejaculation before it was desired
Ejaculation Male ejaculation from sexual climax
Emergency Contraception Oral contraceptives or IUDs to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse
Enema Inserted in to the anus to flush and clean out the colon
Erectile Dysfunction The inability to become or maintain erection
Erection Male arousal of the penis
Erogenous Zone Any area of the body very sensitive to touch
Erotic A thing which you find sexually arousing
Escort A person who sells companionship
Escorts A group or collective of people who offer companionship as a service
Exhibitionism Exposing your sex organs to those who will be surprised and being aroused by this
Exhibitionist A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his body to others
Facial To ejaculate over her face
Fake Orgasm Pretending to reach climax in order to end play or please a partner
Family jewels The testicles
Fanny Same as pussy, cunny, quim, etc. (This is provided for the benefit of Americans, who consider the fanny to be the ass)
Fellatio kiss, nibble, lick or cock-sucking
Foot fetish / worship Sexual obsession toward feet or shoes
Foreplay Physical stimulation by kissing, touching, stroking, massaging etc. To produce a sexual response
FR Field report, a written report of an experience by a client Also known as a review
French Another term for fellatio (Also known as oral)
French kissing Deep kissing, tongue kissing or kissing with tongues
FS Full sex (Same as Ffull Service)
Full service Usually means vaginal intercourse and oral (Also known as FS)
Full personal service Same as Full Service
Full strip Should mean that she takes all her clothes off - But the meaning can vary depending on the individual
FWO French without (condom off). Same as OWO or BBBJ
Genitals The reproductive organs
GFE To provide a girlfriend type experience. Treating you like her girlfriend
Give head To perform oral intercourse
Go down on To perform oral intercourse
Golden shower Another name for watersports. One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure
Greek To perform anal intercourse
Half & half  An American term for French and sex
Hand job Masturbation
Hardsports Defecation in a sexual context. Usually means watching a girl scat toilet. Vey few escorts accept this request.
HJ Masturbation - same as hand-job
Hobby Is the punter, or person punting - Also client
Horny Sexually aroused; passionate
HR Hand relief. Same as hand job or masturbation
H/S Hardsports same as water sports but with stools
Incall Where the client visits. Opposite of outcall
Jack off Masturbation
Jerk off Masturbation
John A client or punter
Kiss Standard kissing (requires a good level of oral hygene)
Kwt Kissing with tongues (requires a good level of oral hygene)
London The capital city of the uk
London Escorts An escort or group of escorts from London who accompanies another person to or at a location, to provide protection, support, some company or companionship.
Masturbation Manual manipulation of genitals
Matinee A session in the afternoon
Mish Missionary position
Missionary position Woman on her back, man on top facing her
Mutual masturbation Where partners manipulate each other's genitals
Naked Bare naked. Without clothes. Butt naked. Displaying the natural form for all to see.
Naughty On the naughty side. Somewhat adventurous in a fun and exciting way. A little more interested than you average escort. More inclined to do a little more.
New New to the escort scene. Having just arrived in the stated area or district. Example would be this escorts new to London. Or she is a new London escort.
Nympho Happily excited and interested in acts of a sexual nature. Behaves in a self gratifying way to satisfy herself while seducing you. A nymphomanic obessed with sex. Thinks about sex or in a sexual fantasy desires or lusts for gratificaton.
O Oral sex
O-levels Oral sex
Old dirt road Using the anus for intercourse
Oral intercourse Using your mouth to perform on another's genitals
Oral Oral sex. Either fellatio or cunnilingus - usually the former in the context of punter talk
Orgasm The peak of sensation during sexual activity
Oriental From south east asian origin. From the asian continent.
Outcall To visit the clients home or hotel. Opposite of incall
OWO Oral without [a condom]. Same as FWO or BBBJ
Pearl diver One who performs oral on the penis
Pearl necklace Ejaculation over her breasts shoulders and neck
PSE Porn Star Experience
Punter A client or punter
Punternet A well renown website for escorts to list their services and for the clients who enjoy the benefits of the wonderful world of escorts. The Punternet website is not specific to Asian escorts but list and review escorts of all nationalities.
Quality A quality escort. An escort worth seeing. Great bang for your buck. A pleasurable experience.


The female genitailia. A slang word much the same as the widely used and well known pussy.
Reverse oral Performed oral by the punter on the girl
Rim / rimming Kissing or licking the anus - similar to oral
Rubber A condom
Russian Breast sex
Sandwich A 2 girl sandwich, or duo (The man is the meat in the girl sandwich)
Scat Hardsports. Very few escorts accept this.
School girl An adult woman (over 18) dressing up in youthful school attire. The basics of which are a short skirt and white blowse. An escorts Interpretation may vary with additional hair, make up, neck tie and stockings in a St Trinians style. On rare occasions acting.
Sixty-nine Genital oral intercourse performed on each other. simultaneously by two partners
Slave A submissive that is involved in a slave/master fantasy
Sodomy The insertion of the penis into the anus
Solid sports Hardsports
Solo sexual Preference to pleasing your self rather than with other people
Spanking Striking or paddling a submissive in their butts
SWO Sex without (a condom) Same as BBF
Testicles The male reproductive glands
Thai escorts Escorts from thailand. A country in south east asia. Escorts from this part of the world are considered Asian or Asian escorts.
Tongue Performing oral
Toolbox The male testicles
Uncovered Without a condom

The lower section of the female escorts reproductive tract. A canal from the uterus to the labia minora and Majora.

Watersports Urination in a sexual context. Usually means that one of the party urinates over the other, or at least for one to watch the other in the act
WG Working girl -or an escort
Wiener Penis
With Using a condom
Without Not using a a condom (Not recommended and refused at all times.)
W/S Same as watersports


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