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Admin comments

29/03/20 Suhel No booking was taken for Cammy as she is on holiday until the current situation improves, there is no matching booking to verify this is genuine. The contact information given by the submitter failed to deliver and as there is no booking there is no contact number to call or text. We are unable to publish this as genuine.
15/01/20 Jay This is a duplicate review.
08/01/20 vray Customer advised this review was an auto correct error on his phone. He re-wrote a new one correctly for Jennifer.
24/11/19 Brodan A duplicate review.
24/11/19 Brodan Duplicate post.
25/10/19 Andam This booking didn’t complete. The customer was a no show. This field report has been rejected.
23/09/19 John Reiya This is a copy of an already published revuew for Candy, copy and paste from Candys page to post on Reiyas page. Rejected.
23/09/19 Steve Unable to find a actual booking that matches this post. Rejected.
22/09/19 John rejected. Cant find an actual booking that matched and this is a copy and paste of another escorts review.
22/09/19 Jason Victoria Rejected, this didnt match any booking we have on record.
22/09/19 Jame Rejected, this doesnt match any booking for that day.
22/09/19 Omar Victoria This review couldnt have taken place we were unable to find an actual booking to match it to.
22/05/19 Dave Unable to find a booking that matches the time and date. There was some Daves on that day but the details didn’t match. The poster refused to give an email address. It seems worthwhile mentioning at this point that it’s a good idea to complete the dates and times of your booking so that we can match it to real bookings to approve it.
29/04/19 Devid Unable to allocate this review to any escort. The poster wrote his own name instead of the escorts name. We couldnt find an legitimate job on our records for 23.00 hrs on that day, or any booking for a guy named Devid either. He forgot to write a time of the booking. He incorrectly typed his email address so we couldnt check any of these errors with him. Sadly we have rejected this feedback because we cant allocate it to any escort we know. Sorry, Admin at the Agency.
01/05/18 jimbo We researched all the jobs on the 27th and there was no job for Nicki on this day and she was off duty anyway. Did this guy submit the wrong date. Or is this review meant for another girl maybe. We are unclear ourselves. As we cant trace a booking that matches this, we are unable to confirm it for publication.
20/02/18 John Ashley Duplcate review. One approved the other rejected to avoid duplicate content.
25/03/16 Roman Does not match any job on our books.
19/12/13 shey Rejected for spamming the review system with unsolicited advertising requests.
02/11/13 Peter
21/08/13 Steven Anthony spam advertising. Of course we check submissions and this one is rejected for misuse of the form.
22/01/13 Deepti Pandey Rejected. This is spam advertising an abuse of the review form.
31/12/12 andrew This is not a review of an actual visit to one of our Asian escorts. Rejected reason: improper use of dedicated online form.
13/12/12 jack sorry but this review was posted without a ladies name. as we couldnt find a booking that matched the exact details we felt we had little choice but to reject it for insufficient information to allow allocating to a particular escort.
16/10/12 Mark size 4.. are you sure? rejected but only because we dont know who this review is for. which asian do we allocate it?
27/09/12 Deepti Pandey rejected as its spamming the system for advertising purposes. This system is meant for reviews of girls you have visited not for any other purpose.
17/08/12 Jhon Miller Rejected as spam. This system is used for reviews of actual bookings not to place adverts. regards admin at the agency.
15/08/12 horney Admin has rejected this post. There is no incall booking on this date for foxy. Also checking there is nothing before or after this date with this reviewers name. There is however, a 2 hour outcall booking with foxy from with regular almost at the same time. Which means this post is either a mistake, the details are wrong or its a fake post.
26/06/12 Tony Higgins Unable to post this review as the poster didnt explain which girl he saw. We need this to post it to a profile. sorry post rejected. please make sure you post all the field correctly to help us verify it and assign it to a particular escort. regards admin at asianselection.
23/06/12 paul56 A complete load of spam. This post has been rejected. It is not related to a visit to an escort at all. Its of no use to our site visitors making a booking either. This system was not set up for such rubbish. This is a rejected review post.
20/06/12 dave56 this review system was created for the posting of genuine reviews relating to girls on our site and share your experiences. This post is spamming of that system as it has no obvious point to it. rejected for spamming the system.
12/06/12 terry Unfortunately we are unable to match this post.to a genuine event. It seems that either the name is wrong or the dates are wrong or both. In case this is a genuine error on behalf of the guy who posted it, we apologise but please check your details are right before posting or it will appear incorrect and get dumped by the the administrator. Admin at the agency asianselection.
17/04/12 HekFrurafehek rejected and banned from posting again. pure posting of junk spamming the system. admin rules apply and rejected for breaking the posting rules.
15/03/12 peterg8893 rejected as nonsense posted for spam advertising. Breasks the rules for posting a legitiamte review.
01/01/12 Algo Charge This post is advertising spam and not related to any genuine diary event. For this reason its been rejected.
24/10/11 Escorts for London this was not anything to do with an escorts booking and so was rejected treated as spam.
25/09/11 TIM PALMER this feedback was written about who? no name of girl given for us to relate it too and as a result we were unable to allocate it to the escort concerned. hope you appreciate our fustrations. thanks admin.
27/08/11 stevieb50 rejected as seems to be a duplicate of a review already posted. admin at the agency.
09/08/11 Mark rejected. this post appears to be someone who has confused the feedback post form with the booking form. Please if you want to make a booking call our hotline, advanced bookings can be handled using our advanced booking form if you wish but advanced bookings can also be organised via our phones too.
12/07/11 philpots somethig wrong with this feedback as its reporting a field review about sasha in nottinghill when she has never lived in nottinghill. rejected only because its treated with mild suspicion.
11/07/11 John Williams rejected as spam. nothing to do with a review escorts feedback at all which is an abuse of the feedback system. We have censored this guys post so that it is of no value to what is basically an advert for unrelated service or company.
05/07/11 Alex rejected report as there was no escort mentioned and so we cant track down which escort its for and if its genuine. please complete all fields to help us match up.
09/06/11 roster4a rejected because seems to be an exact copy of a previous post for love.
05/05/11 Peter rejected. most fields blank. no information to post probably a posted in error.
26/04/11 Arianna Amateur abuse of the feedback system. rejected as not related to a genuine visit to one of our London escorts and general spam. breaks the posting rules.
07/04/11 roberto comments by this site visitor are strange. his report is talking about a girl named roberto (which is his own name) so it is unknown who he is talkiing about
The review system is to comment about your genuine experiences visiting a girl on a genuine booking. This is neither. The comments are general in nature and suggest that the girl he is talking about is a fake profile. Which is nonsense as we investigate all girls who join our site. not one profile is fake. every girl and her house is visited and checked that she is the girl in the pictures. In the vary rare cases that a girl has taken a job and given it to her friend we have taken her off the agency in punishment. this is an accusation that is unfounded and paranoid.
further more IP addresses of each post are recorded and his ip address is the same of one who been posting malicious posts before. Without getting too paranoid about such things there are usually a couple of reasons. such as revenge of a guy whos love has been spurned or comments from another agency in competition. In anycase this post has been rejected due to the following valid reason..
This feedback system is for valid genuine reviews of visits to an actual girl on our gallery. Anything else will be banned for spamming or abuse of the feedback system. This post is rejected for not being a review of an actual booking but abuse of the system. Guys your posts are checked and verified. If your revenge posting, hell bent on attacking a girl or blatant competitor posting a negative advert then you will be shown for your sins and for all the world to see your true shameful colours. tisk. Please guys this system is only for genuine customers genuine reviews and genuine bookings.
29/10/10 Dona Gabril rejected as it is advertising spam of the feedback system.
20/10/10 Junior nothing to do with reviewing a booking with an escort so rejected as little use to punters and as spamming the feedback system.
11/10/10 john pickles247 nothing wrong with this post its only rejected because it was posted twice and we only need 1 post
07/06/10 Big dillan - Remember me admin rejected this post as it was nothing to do with visiting an escort at all. rejected as blatant system abuse. action taken against this users IP address.
31/05/10 paul admin rejects this london escorts review only because its a duplicate of one already posted. pesky submit button clicked twice, nothing to worry about.
03/05/10 Jay accidental duplicate so rejected. The same review was already posted (sorry guys probably my fault for not approving the reviews quick enough in the first place. not enough hours in the day)
21/04/10 hussein rejected due to this being a revenge review after customer could not get a discount that he wanted. we guess that this means that only a fly on the wall would ever know the full truth but having spoken to the punter we would vere towards supporting the poor escort. sammi usually such a good girl. read this with a pinch of salt.
20/04/10 hussein rejected as suspected revenge review after a booking went not the way the ounter wanted it.
02/04/10 renfriddan rejected as an obvious automated spam attempt
23/03/10 ookiibob rejected. not enough infomration to know who is was referring to or find it on any diary.
16/03/10 jimmy rejected escorts review because it was posted twice.
10/01/10 Pcieannl come on guys if your going feedback your review you need to actually fill in all the fields. rejected as this post has nothing to tell.
30/12/09 name rejected post. appears to be general spam possibly an automated spam post and definately nothing to do with booking one of our London Escorts. To post a genuine review on our feedback system you need to make a booking and actuall visit one of our girls guys.
20/12/09 lun rejected only because it is a duplicate of an exact same post
27/11/09 piloteer this feedback review has been rejected as it is nothing to do with a visit to any London Escorts on our agency and so of no use to genuine punters visiting this agency.
23/11/09 this an exact duplicate of a feedback already posted for asahi.
21/11/09 Neil on review this feedback was rejected as we could not accurately associate it with an actual diary event. it was touch and go at one point if we should post it or if we should reject it but eventually we took the view that it was better not to take the chance and post something that may not be factual and lead genuine punters astray.
16/11/09 sam rejected because there is no Escorts name. which means we are unable to post the review to an Escorts personal page. please fill in all the details when posting feedback to enable us to post correctly.
14/11/09 Jim unfortunately we are rejecting this feedback as it does not emntion what the Escorts name was so we are unable to assign it to a particular Escorts personal page. In future please fill in all the fields as it makes it possible to post such reviews. Thanks.
04/11/09 rejected for lacking any information for us to be able to match it to an actual diary event. please guys read the booking rules as without all the information its very difficult for us to work out if it is genuine post, or a genuine event.
21/10/09 alexf955 this post has nothing to do with London Escorts, reviews or feedback and so is rejected.
24/09/09 Tim rejected review. A great positive escorts review but without knowing who the escort was in question we are unable to post this as all feedack reviews allocate to the escorts personal page. To view more feedback for London Escorts visit the personal page of the escorts you prefer or see the latest posted reviews on our escorts agency home page.
22/09/09 Director of Golf Rejected. dont mention which girl its for, there is no diary event for the supposed time of visit, it supposed to be posted by the director of golf which sounds bogus as 'Golf' is a model of a car not a make and a director would spell properly. the email address is invalid (we tried to email him to get his version of events) so we are unable to post this feedback hence rejected for possile fake escorts review.
05/08/09 this escorts feedback was rejected. no details were given so we cant match it to any escorts diary event. no name, no dates, no contact details nothing to be able to check validity. reected. please read the review posting rules. thanks.
31/07/09 Pharmd27 rejected as it is unrelated to reviews on escorts in London or in fact anywhere else. feedback system is for posting your review of an actual visit to a London escort or a London escorts visit to you. this breaks the posting rules and has been rejected as a result.
15/07/09 Alex unable to trace what this report relates to. cant verify and match this report to an actual diary event for mickie London escorts.
14/07/09 Shaf Unable to find the record of this visit in our notes. Please remember to check and make sure your date and details are correct before posting. if we cant find it to verify it how can we accept your review? sorry if this seems annoying to the punter but if we post everything without checking then the reviews loose credibility.
17/06/09 Mo unable to post this feedback review as there is no clue which escort it belongs to and wthout a mention of the escorts name impossible to even guess. please make sure you post the escorts name with each revew. thank you.
31/05/09 Davde rejected as records show the diary event was not genuine. cant say that this post is a fake for sure but the evidence doesnt match up and it looks suspect. rejected as a possible fake.
28/05/09 BILLY this post breaks almost all our posting rules. rejected for way too many reasons to list.
13/04/09 Eugene Strickland rejected for spam - unsolicited advert attempt trying to aquire tyhis sites services.
08/04/09 Amsterdam Escort rejected because it was an attempt by another agency to post an advert in the feedback section. was not even a hidden attempt. strange !
17/03/09 MR_LONDONER well, we had no choice but to reject this post. for a start it says the visit occurred on the 27th march and as it was posted on the 17th of march seems impossible to review about an event in the future without a time machine! also he didnt give an escorts name, time of arrival, didnt give valid email address or his name so its impossible to match it up to a diary event anyway. in any case its in the future! cant express enough that if you cant give us anything to validate the review than its impossible to post. unable to accept that this review is genuine. appears fake.
11/01/09 Garry On review was not approved as this escort was removed from duty due to unethical conduct. So it does not appear likely that this feedback is genuine. Sorry but removed as not genuine.
17/11/08 mike Jackson We are unable to approve this review as this post is mostly blank with few of the required fields completed.
08/11/08 artistlin admin has checked and there is no diary event booked in for nisa on 11th, in fact she was off duty. feedback rejected.
06/11/08 Tom Dont know who this feedback was for, name field not completed. rejected.
21/09/08 raj rejected - duplicate of an already sumitted review / feedback
15/09/08 rider on review this feedback was only rejected because it was duplicated. please press the send key only once.
01/09/08 joe on review this feedback was rejected because the reviewer didnt allocate it to an escort, a time of visit or location. Feedback is posted to the escorts personal page when posted. Where can we post this? and we also need to be able to trace an actual event which requires the time and date and location fields completed. Please guys, complete the fields properly or we cant do our bit. regards admin.
30/08/08 JJ On review, we were unable to confirm that this feedback is genuine. There is no diary event that matches it and our discretionary rules state every successful booking data is shredded and all other information destroyed between 1-2 weeks. We do this for your own privacy so your not embarrassed at a later date. unfortunately, that we means if you leave your review for over 3 weeks before you post it, we are unable to verify it. Please guys, help us by posting regularly. if you leave for ages before you post how can we garauntee to every reader that its for real.
27/08/08 Calgy69 on review this feedback matches an actual event and so appears genuine.
18/07/08 Bobby Admin has reviewed this feedback and it has NO information! come on guys, fill in every field please, we need the information to be able to match it up to an actual event! What are we to do? hence this is rejected. - again, read the posting rules and complete the form properly.
29/06/08 saad Admin has reviewed this feedback and rejects it because it does not match up with a diary event. Please remember to complete all the fields especially the girls name! Who is this a review for? cant allocate to a girl which makes matching it up to an actual event impossible.
28/06/08 Mystery_person Admin has reviewed this feedback and rejects it because it does not match up with a diary event. Please remember guys, make sure you complete all the fields or we cant match it up to approve it. In this case the punter forgot to state which girl this is meant to be for.
15/06/08 Naz 18th of may.. its so long ago that we are unable to check that this is a genuine event that naz was talking about. please guys, dont leave it over a month before you post feedback. In line with privacy commitments to our site visitors we destroy all records. Although this is a good thing for our clients in this case we have shot ourselves in the foot. Sorry unable to check this is genuine against our diary and we have no alternative but to reject this post.
14/05/08 Iain On review admin rejected this feedback. Lydia was given the chance to provide her opinion and we conculded that some of the information may not be genuine. No building work has ever taken place in her kitchen, and she doesnt live in edgware road either. Please guys double check your data before posting it. thanks.
06/04/08 K Admin has reviewed this feedback and confirms that it matches an actual booking event. However we would like to point out that the punter has few words to say about this London escort. We suspect language skills to be the at the root of it. We have offered the gentleman the chance of updating this review by email. we are currently still waiting for a reply.
31/03/08 experienced punter Admin has reviewed this feedback and has found that there is no diary booking to match it against. There is no booking of this name at any time on the 27th march or several days either side. An email requesting the name used at the time of booking and more information has been sent but currently, experienced punter has not replied. Neither has he provided a contact number to discuss the discrepancies found by the admin team. We cant confirm this post is genuine and reject it.

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