Asian London, SW1P
New girl Jessica
Bayswater, SW1P

Asian London, SW5
Earl's Court, SW5

Asian London, W1U
New girl Lilly
Baker Street, W1U

Asian London, W2
New girl Nancy
Notting Hill Gate, W2

Asian London, W2
New girl Valentine
Chelsea, W2

Asian London, W1U
New girl Leah
Baker Street, W1U

Asian London, WC2H
New girl Emma
Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H

Asian London, NW1
New girl Demi
Marylebone, NW1

Asian London, WC2H
New girl Cream
Leicester Square, WC2H

Asian London, SW8
New girl Mona
Stockwell, SW8

Asian London, W1D
New girl Sophia (aka Julie)
Oxford Circus, W1D

Asian London, SW5
New girl Candy
Earl's Court, SW5

Asian London, W2
New girl Maya
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W2
New girl Cherry
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W2
New girl Mata
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W11
Bayswater, W11

Asian London, W2
New girl Maggi
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W2
Paddington, W2

Asian London,
New girl Chelsea
Baker Street,

Asian London, W2
Paddington, W2

Asian London, W2
New girl Mint
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W14
New girl Rosie
High Street Kensington, W14

Asian London, W1U
New girl Sandy (aka Faye)
Baker Street, W1U

Asian London, W2
New girl April
Bayswater, W2

Asian London, W8
New girl Ada
High Street Kensington, W8

Asian London, NW3
New girl Lisa
Finchley Rd, NW3

Visiting London on business or pleasure?

It doesnt have to be all hard work.

A board room meeting, knee high in paperwork, endless small talk and decisions to make that might be right they may be wrong. But at the end of the day your only human and not a machine.
Stepping out of those work shackles is the best thing you can do to feel refreshed and capable of taking on tomorrows office. It's an easy decision, invite one of our sweet natured, easy going, tender young girls to share your hotel suite. Relax with a gentle massage and some company from beautiful, sensual oriental women to ease away the loneliness until morning breaks.

Choose from our gallery and call the hotline and our receiptionist will arrange for you.

Visit our gallery to start making your selection.

Overnight Asian Escorts

Overnights - explanation.

Generally considered to be 10pm until 8am as the industry standard for most London escorts. It has been known for escorts to accept 8pm until 8am and other variations, but movement on the times is dependant on the chosen escort and the ultimate decision is hers to accept. We will forward your request.

Required for overnight incall's.
For incall appointments, your mobile number will be required to send you confirmation timings, rates and address details.

Required for overnight outcall's.
For outcall appointments, we require your mobile the hotel reception number, a full postcode address of your hotel and room number and the name your room has been booked under.

All Day booking for a 24 hour period.

An all day - all night booking is considered to be for a 24 hour period. The start of the 24hr booking is arranged at a time acceptable to both you and the escort. The rates for extended hours such as this can be viewed from our rates page or at the personal of your chosen girl. Make your selection form our gallery drawing a shortlist of 2 or 3 to avoid disappointment and ensure a successful booking.
See our rates page for standard charges which are currently accepted by our London Escorts

24 hours Availability.

The 24 hours availability is generally meant to explain when an escort is advertised as always available (as seen on the 24hr gallery). The expression is intended to be possible for you to arrange to see her (with notice) at almost any time of the day or night with some limited restrictions. Due to the human bodies limitations, our 24hr girls will be available (with notice) as long as they are not too tired, caught a cold, currently having a ladies monthly cycle, over tired, already booked, on holiday, visiting friends or have visitors staying over (and other similar understandable reasons). We only mention this to those who feel disappointed that that their chosen girl is not available and complains that she is not really 24hrs. We do try to bring you the best availability, however the human body is not a machine and so we recommend selecting a short list of 2 or 3 to ensure a successful booking.

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